AirLive introduces the new network video recorder CoreNVR 9


AirLive CoreNVR 9

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced a new 9-channel network video recorder AirLive CoreNVR 9.

The new addition to the wide variety of AirLive surveillance system products is the new, 9-channel Network Video Recorder AirLive CoreNVR 9. It is a device designed for smaller IP camera surveillance systems. As the description suggests, it is possible to connect up to 9 IP cameras with maximal resolution up to 5 megapixels. AirLive cameras on the network are automatically recognised and connected.

AirLive CoreNVR 9 is built on the ARM Cortex A9 processor and embedded linux operating system. With its detailed and fully configurable software enhancements and high ease of use, CoreNVR 9 can replace a separate computer running surveillance software (eg. CamPro Professional). It contains almost all the features that users expect from a modern video surveillance system, including configurable motion detection, camera protection against attack or misuse, user configurable alarms, disk failure diagnostic, and can alert the operator in several different ways, from acoustic or visual signal, through an e-mail notification, or sending the notice to the HTTP or FTP server. A pleasant side effect of using AirLive CoreNVR 9 is reduced noise, power consumption and space requirements. User don’t need to worry about the storage capacity. AirLive CoreNVR 9 can be fitted with two fixed SATA II hard drives with capacity up to 3TB, plus is equipped with an external eSATA connector that allows quick connection of another external drive. Such data capacity can conveniently store more than sufficient length of your video.

AirLive CoreNVR 9 fully supports cameras equipped with positioning and zoom, for comfortable control over these functions and comfortable working with the positioning of cameras, mouse or joystick can be connected via the USB connector.

All settings are done via built-in web interface from the web browser, thanks to linux based system AirLive CoreNVR 9 natively supports czech language. Video output of the device is in FullHD resolution 1950×1080 pixels, output connector is either classic VGA or modern HDMI with the possibility to connect a wide range of display devices. Live streams from connected cameras can also be viewed in Internet Explorer from any computer on the network and remotely via the Internet with the sufficient line, even from mobile devices running Android and iOS.

For operators of small systems is AirLive CoreNVR 9 an interesting alternative, offering lower operating costs, more reliable operation and user-friendly service whilst ensuring sufficient storage capacity image data.

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