AirLive introduces the IR Night Vision Dome network camera

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, has introduced a new Night Vision Dome type IP camera DM-720 designed for day and night time usage.

AirLive network camera DM-720 is aimed for indoor usage. Equipped with high quality low lux sensor, 4mm wide angle lens and IR led, this device delivers video in 720P HD resolution, even during night. That is three times as much pixels as other CCTV security cameras of common type. Bigger field of view and better detailed picture with fine details make it suitable for most of indoor environments.

DM-720 can be ceiling or wall mounted. 18 IR leds with 15m effective range, removable IR-CUT filter and very sensitive CMOS sensor enables this dome camera for 24 hour duty cycle in any indoor location. Electricity on installation site is not needed, DM-720 features Power Over Ethernet (after 802.3af standard).

One of the highlights of the brand new AirLive DM-720 is WDR РWide Dynamic Range, with this system by strong backlight camera itself precisely balances light and dark areas in the picture making details much more distinguishable. Other advanced feature of the DM-720 is optimized Clear Motion Technology developed by AirLive. Although images provided by this camera are bright and vivid colorfull, this technology moreover  minimizes blur caused by moving objects and makes possible to catch every fine detail even in fast moving scenes.

AirLive DM-720 uses high performing video compression codec H.264, which distinctly reduces video file sizes and saves network bandwidth. As a local storage can be used built-in microSD slot, when well operative card is inserted.

Bundled with the AirLive DM-720 comes software AirLive CamPro Express 64, which let user view and record live video streams of multiple devices at the same time. For most demanding users is software package CamPro Professional available, supported by AirLive, allowing remote management and individual setup of each camera connected to the system. It also has ability to track and store images from up to 64 connected devices simultaneously, and security functions to protect cameras against attack or misuse. Operator will be notified when tampering with the camera, changing its angle, position or cover the lens.

AirLive DM-720 with all its capabilities can be part of stable and efficient surveillance system, especially where is an emphasis on night time usage.

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