AirLive introduces new wireless internet access gateway server

WIAS-3200N v2

WIAS-3200N v2

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipment, has introduced a new WiFi hot-spot access server WIAS-3200N v2.

AirLive offers its novelty, access WiFi hotspot gateway WIAS-3200N v2 mainly for small businesses, dealing with the sale of paid Internet access. This option may find applications for example in hotels, camps and other lodging facilities, restaurants and bars, railway stations and so on. For the operators of these businesses may be selling Internet access to public welcomed source of income and the basic idea of ​​the development of Airlive WIAS-3200N v2 was essential to facilitate and accelerate the establishment of a hotspot with paid access, increasing the reliability of the system and ultimately save on operating costs. Instead of the current solution, which consists of a common server computer turned on for 24 hours a day with painstakingly installed software, AirLive WIAS-3200N v2 can fully replace that solution with the zero noise and disproportionately lower energy consumption.

Of course, although AirLive WIAS-3200N v2 is already equipped with all the necessary software to operate the paid hotspot, AirLive has not forget the possibility of individual adaptation to the login page and information windows which the customer comes into contact with, so that each operator can be original and modify the appearance for his own needs . Creating the user account is a snap, thanks among others to the inbuilt password generator. Credentials can then be printed on a standard printer or POS thermal printer, given to the customer and he can immediately start using it. Billing based on time spent or the amount of traffic can be chosen, Airlive WIAS-3200N v2 includes a payment system so the customer can charge his account itself with a credit card. Setting up a functional hotspot cannot be easier .

The wireless part of the Airlive Access Gateway supports the latest 802.11n standard, due to its speed and bandwidth can handle up to 100 simultaneously connected clients. It supports all current types of wireless security. Signal coverage is excellent due to two detachable 5dBi antennas and MIMO technology. AirLive WIAS-3200N v2 is built into a robust, dust-proof metal housing, so you can talk about installation type “fit and forget”.

In the administration of the device, besides creating and deleting user accounts, can be set many parameters and permissions, as access rules, restricting access to specific services or the site, determining the bandwidth to individual customers and services. Customer must just open his Internet browser and enter his username and password, then pop-up window regularly informs him of the status of his account, he may also unsubscribe through this window or charge his account with the credit card.

Thanks to the simplicity of installation and setup is AirLive WIAS-3200N v2, for many small businessmen this can be and option and interesting way to new service and income.

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