AirLive introduces new IP camera bundles


AirLive have launched new IP camera and accessories bundle packages for home or business use. The packages have been tailored to save the customer’s time and money.

The main intention is to offer not only a better price for the customer, but also carefully selected components for launching his own IP camera security system without time-consuming choice. Contents of the package is selected to cover the normal needs of the average customer and ensure compatibility and seamless functionality of the assembled system.

Package intended for household includes outdoor camera AirLive BU -720 with a maximum resolution of 1280×720 pixels, with the infrared illumination and night vision, designed for surveillance outside by the entrance or outer perimeter of the building. Furthermore, there we have an interior camera AirLive IP – 200PHD -24, the maximum resolution is 1600×1200 pixels and the camera is universally applicable in the inner spaces of the house or apartment. Package is completed with the eight port Ethernet switch AirLive LIVE – 8F required for connection to a home network.

Larger package designed for companies and generally for all demanding users, includes again outdoor camera AirLive BU – 720, representing there a proven option for day and night protection primarily in outdoor spaces, then there are two cameras of dome type, a mini-dome AirLive MD -720 with a maximum resolution of 1280×800 pixels, wide angle lens and manually positionable objective, the second dome type camera is AirLive DM -720, supplemented with extra infrared illumination and night vision. Three IP cameras are completed in the bundle with wifi AP AirLive N.TOP for ceiling mounting in a modern, unobtrusive design , but packed full with technology, extra long range coverage and throughput of up to 300Mbps. All that thanks to support for the latest wireless standard 802.11n and built-in MIMO antennas. To bring the wireless coverage to your company, it can be difficult to find more suitable device than this. Completeness for package provides ethernet switch again, this time 8-port AirLive POE – FSH04AT , equipped with features like Power over Ethernet , which of course is supported by all peripherals included in the package .

With the new package you sure can surprise your family or boss with brilliantly functioning surveillance system, and only you will know that with choosing the individual components you have lost not a single precious minute.

Both packages are now available to order on

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