AirLive introduces new anti-vandal IP network camera

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced a new anti-vandal IP camera FE-200VD (fisheye lens) with extra wide angle view. AirLive FE-200VD is  robust and resistant to damage from weather conditions so is suitable for installation in public spaces, including outdoor, or in places with a higher degree of risk.

AirLive network camera FE-200VD is, thanks to its rugged enclosure, resistant to mechanical damage and the highest level of protection against dust and moisture makes IP66  suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its wide-angle lens (fisheye lens) when mounted on the ceiling, thanks to 360-degree view angle provides surveillance of complete room without any blind spots, in conjunction with e-PTZ can replace up to four conventional cameras. It is also possible to configure viewing angles with the click of a mouse, without the need for complex and expensive mechanical positioning of the lens.

AirLive FE-200VD provides detailed images with a maximum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels, which allows viewing both “local detail” and “global context” simultaneously. The camera is able to transform fisheye view to normal view by itself. Video is stored with advanced H.264 compression. Adjustable IR filter allows you to customize for lighting conditions of the scanned area. It also includes a slot for MicroSD card for backup image data, microphone and speaker with the possibility of two-way communication.

To simplify installation, the AirLive FE-200VD is equipped with power over the network cable (PoE according to 802.3af standard), so the presence of electric distribution is not needed on the installation site.

AirLive FE-200VD is supplied with software Airlive CamPro Express, allowing the user to view and store video from connected cameras. It also has functions to protect the camera against attacks or misuse. The operator notifies tampering with the camera, change of its direction, its position or trying to cover the lens.

Thanks to APPS for Android and iOS support, you can watch this camera from your Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.


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