AirLive introduce 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 integrated PoE ports

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced a new 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch POE-FSH804AT with 4 integrated PoE ports.

New to the portfolio of AirLive is ethernet switch POE-FSH804AT containing overall eight 10/100Mbps ports, four with PoE (Power over Ethernet), meeting and exceeding the requirements of 802.3af norm, which required at least 15W per port, as well as newer and more demanding norm 802.3at, which among others requires a minimum of 25W of power for each connected device.

POE-FSH804AT has four powered PoE ports, each can provide 30W, device can deliver maximum 60W of power totally. These ports are protected with overload protection, should happen the situation where the total power draw exceeds 60W, their power will be gradually switched off according to priority. Priority of ports is fixed in the device configuration, and in the order 1-4, so that when overloaded, first shuts off the port number 4.

PoE ports of AirLive POE-FSH804AT are equipped with automatic sensing of active PoE presence, in case a device is connected with the function of the active PoE, immediately begins the necessary 48V voltage injection to the port.

Of course, this switch has all the usual features which can be found in its category today, such as full duplex and flow control, the total throughput of up to 1.6Gbps, the detection of a crossover cable, etc. All operating states are clearly indicated by LEDs.

New 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch AirLive POE-FSH804AT is ideally placed to become the cornerstone of smaller camera systems or wireless networks. Appeals to the user not only by the quality and reliability, but especially for its ability to power the connected PoE devices and also enables very straightforward and simple installation and configuration, requiring no special adjustments. Making it significantly reduces both the assembly time and the demands during usage.

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