AirLive debuts Smart Cube Camera SC-300W

AirLive debuts Smart Cube Camera SC-300W

AirLive debuts Smart Cube Camera SC-300W

AirLive is pleased to announce the launch of its new intelligent 3MP wireless SmartCube IPCAM 300W(SC-300W).The SmartCube camera features store entrance mode with people counting for shops, temperature and humidity sensors.

Otherwise with doorCAM mode with 2-Way audio functionality, SmartCube SC-300W is suitable for small shop owner the store management and house owner the home security.

Nowadays, more small shop owners reduce labor cost and people work longer away from home, what actual need are the most automated accessibilities and the ability to remotely manage and control what happens at shops and home. AirLive SmatCube SC-300W is your best choice to make your business management efficiently and your home security safer.

AirLive SmartCube SC-300W is Your Best Helper to Enhance Your Business
AirLive SmartCube SC-300W sends greetings when customers enter your shop. With in-built IVS function, it can recognize people’s faces, organize people counting, and will send you daily report at your set time intervals which will give you clear view on your daily clientele. It enables client to set e-fences for certain area surveillance as an alarm. Business and public institutions can also use SmatCube SC-300W for applications where temperature/humidity are of the utmost importance like hotels, kindergarten, food industry, shops, wine cellars, drug stores, hospitals, electronical components or assembly lines etc.

DoorCAM Mode Makes Your Home Security Smarter
PIR sensor will detect any movements and send video notification to your smartphone; with SmartCube SC-300W’s doorCAM mode function you can review any event and have conservation via 2-way-audio anywhere anytime in the simplest way ever. Support 3MP,1080P,and 720P resolutions, SmartCube SC-300W helps you a lot to be able to take care the elderly parents, children, pets at home, and inform you about the situation 24/7 so it makes your home security safer and smarter.

AirLive SmartCube SC-300W Key Features and Benefits

• Support 3MP, 1080P, and 720P Resolutions
• Temperature and Humidity Sensors
• Intelligent Video functions with TI DMVA2 video processor
• 802.11n WiFi + Ethernet port
• Smart DoorCAM Mode with 2-Way Audio for Home
• Smart Store Entrance Mode with People Counting for Shops
• Smart e-fence in option (no need of additional accessories of doing alarm)
• PIR Human Detection with SD Card recording
• Nightvision IR LEDs with ICR
• Built-in Microphone and Speaker
• ONVIF Compliant
• P2P with Android and iOS APP

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