AirLive celebrates 20 years with special bundle packages


AirLive producer, Ovislink Corp. is celebrating two decades of providing high quality technological products.

In 1993 begun the history of networking products, in 2003, AirLive launched the first multifunction wireless access point in the world, and in 2005 announced the first multi 5GHz AP for WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

Currently, AirLive is already an internationally recognised brand as a manufacturer of communication equipment and video surveillance solutions for IP networks and integrated with a variety of products and hundreds of distributors around the world.

“We apply the same principles innovative wireless products in the IP video surveillance equipment,” says Albert Yeh, Vice President and Head of the Division of AirLive products.

While continuing to develop connectivity solutions with the same passion of its inception, AirLive has concentrated its efforts in the IP video surveillance segment.

IP surveillance has been one of the fastest growing segments in the field of IP networks worldwide. AirLive has been strong in the production of value-added features and high-performance networking products. IP surveillance is a market where quality, stability and features are also very important. AirLive can excel in this area and that is why we are putting more emphasis on this area.

enterprise_front_v1The surveillance market is currently divided between the traditional analog solutions and new IP surveillance technologies, which offer advantages in resolution, installation support, controls and intelligence. As improved cost and stability, IP surveillance is gaining greater market share. In that sense, AirLive has introduced IP surveillance products since 2007 and we are now applying the same principles to design innovative wireless products in IP surveillance equipment.

For our 20th anniversary we prepared gift for customers – special bundle packages for Home and Enterprise. Each special AirLive bundle contains several IP cameras Airlive and other equipment to make easy installation for anniversary prices.

In the near future we will present video cameras with embedded analytics. Traditionally, video analytics require expensive software installed on a computer. Now AirLive introduced smart cameras that can perform face recognition, counting people and vehicles, among other functions, without requiring an external software.

I think in the future IP cameras are not just a device for capturing video. They will do much more than that. It will integrate seamlessly with our lives and environment. It will be a form of artificial intelligence that can automate many of the tasks we need. We show our new technology based on these concepts.

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