AirLive announces latest HD resolution modern outdoor camera, AirLive BU-720

BU-720-1-s (2)

Worldwide networking and communication equipment specialist AirLive has unveiled its new outdoor IP cam BU-720 with HD resolution and IR LED illumination, the AirLive BU-720.

AirLive BU-720 is a last novelty in the field of IP cameras for outdoor use, combining high technical level, IP66 weatherproofing, IR LED illumination and a favorable cost, which allows it to be used in smaller systems and wherever the price was previously an obstacle to the use of devices of similar level.

The robust aluminum enclosure of AirLive BU-720 camera complies with IP66 for outdoor spaces and gives it not only pleasing modern design, but also protection against harsh weather conditions, rain, moisture and dust, and also effectively protects against vandalism and mechanical damage. One of the new enhancements of this design is also ability to hide necessary wiring within mounting arm. Camera housing also includes infrared LED night-time illumination with up to 25 meters effective distance.

Camera AirLive BU-720 is equipped with a low-lux CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 1280×800 pixels at 30 frames per second, so the resulting image is sharp and detailed even in difficult conditions, and contains four times the amount of image data compared to ordinary CCTV cameras with VGA resolution. Automatically adjustable IR filter allows precise settings for different lighting conditions.

Other features of AirLive BU-720 includes support for advanced H.264 compression, which significantly reduces the use of bandwidth in the network and the needed space for data storage. Wide Dynamic Range technology ensures automatic balance of light and dark places in the picturet, so even with strong backlighting remains the reference object still well recognizable and detailed, Clear Motion Technology in turn prevents blurring of fast moving objects, which works great for example to monitor passing vehicles. The camera is also equipped with a slot for microSD memory card, which serves as a local storage and prevents data loss. Moreover, BU-720 naturally supports active PoE (802.3af) to minimize mounting effort and cost.

The camera AirLive BU-720 is supplied with standard utility software CamPro Express 64, which allows live monitoring and video recording up to 64 AirLive cameras involved in the system simultaneously. For especially demanding users is available CamPro Professional surveillance software developed by AirLive, possessing also many sophisticated methods of image analysis, thus allowing greater automation of monitoring and saving human resources.

Thanks to its durability in outdoor environments, modern and functional equipment and favorable price is AirLive BU-720 actually very universally applicable in any modern system.


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