AirLive 4G LTE gateways delivers wireless connectivity

AirLive 4G LTE gateways delivers wireless connectivity

AirLive 4G LTE gateways delivers wireless connectivity

AirLive 4G LTE gateways deliver wireless connectivity in daily life at both indoor and outdoor environments.

Whenever connectivity is required for home, outdoor evens or transportation vehicle, Airlive can provide a high- performance and reliable surveillance connectivity solutions.

The Airlive AirMax 4GW outdoor Gateway connects any outdoor IP cameras over 4G LTE network. It can distribute 4G or 3G Internet signal through WiFi or Ethernet connections in any location. It is equipped with high gain LTE and WIFI antennas for better reception and transmitting distance. An upcoming new product VH-4GW can also provide WIFI network access on the moving vehicle for transportation purpose.

It supports Hotspot Deployment that provides no limitation on wiring distance or location of Internet source.It offers the easiest way to deploy Wi-Fi hotspot services at any locations. The soon-available VH-4GW can also provide hotspot services for vehicle passengers. When internet service needed at afar sites or outdoors, such as vocation home , outdoor concerts or business summits, AirLive 4G outdoor gateway help to build WiFi instantly with a large area coverage.

Its VPN function provides secure video transmission over VPN encryption. The build-in hardware VPN function supports to manage the IP cameras remotely. Users do not need to worry about leaking sensitive information and keep live video image from prying eyes. AirLive 4G gateway accepts versatile management;it can be managed via web, TR069, SNMP, and CLI commands that provides system operatiors to manage the device at preferable method.

OvisLink Corp. was founded at 1993 in Taiwan by a group of industrial experts who set out to provide the best combination of quality, service, technology and value in the industry. Today, OvisLink Corp. with its AirLive brand is the trusted solution provider for wireless and surveillance products around the world.

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