Aiphone launch IX Network intercom and security system

Aiphone launch IX Network intercom and security system

Aiphone launch IX Network intercom and security system

Aiphone has launched IX, a new IP network based intercom system which provides communication with an infinite number of doors and is designed to interact with other IP devices and security systems.

The IX system offers video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations and multicast paging. All of these functions can be implemented between remote locations over large areas and distances, making IX an ideal solution for any type of application involving multiple locations such as airports, education campuses, railway stations and parking facilities.

IX has been designed to provide users with a flexible, scalable communication and security system which offers the opportunity to mix and match a large number of door and master stations to match specific project requirements.

Wyatt Taylor, Director of Aiphone UK Ltd said:

“Any Aiphone master on the network can be used to remotely unlock doors, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location and broadcast emergency announcements. However, what elevates IX above other intercom systems currently available for large scale installations, is the ease at which it can be integrated with third-party systems such as Access Control, IP network cameras and video management software (VMS), to provide a total integrated security solution.”

With door and master stations featuring PoE (Power over Ethernet) to minimise installation time and cost, IX is compatible with a long list of ONVIF compliant IP cameras and leading VMS such as Avigilon™, ExacqVision and Milestone, as well as Lenel Onguard access control management software.

Other key features include:

Call Queuing – Master stations can receive up to 20 incoming calls simultaneously. Caller information can be displayed on a queue list, making it possible to respond selectively to high-priority calls.

Email Alerts: IX can be configured to send a visitor’s image to three email addresses when master stations are called. Errors in the system and health check reports can also be sent via email.

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