Aimetis Symphony™ VMS Enables Multi-System Integration

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aimetis logoAimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent network video management software, has developed and included outstanding system integration functionality within its Aimetis Symphony™ software platform.

Aimetis Symphony™ is an open-standard, IP video management software (VMS). It includes a wide variety of integration tools to meet the requirements of security solutions using multiple manufacturers’ systems and technologies.

Integrators are able to create bespoke security solutions using Aimetis Symphony™, as the software is specifically designed to make integration smooth and simple. It enables system inter-operability and allows all security event management, monitoring and site management data to be centralised. This functionality is useful to large and small applications, from single to multiple sites.

The tools used within the Aimetis Symphony™ software include API/SDK, I/O, TCIP and OPC for comprehensive integration. The security systems integrated include access control, ATM, intruder detection and building management.

Aimetis Symphony™ can be used as the main site management software for any application. It delivers a wealth of security and management data that not only offers a high level of security protection, but also improves site operation, efficiency and marketing and provides building, people and vehicle management.

Aimetis Symphony™ enables video analytics, centralised management and is integrated with products from leading security manufacturers including Siemens, Gallagher, VidSys, RBH Access, Open Options, Johnson Controls Inc., Mer Security, Accellence and many more.

A comprehensive list of system integration partners is available here.

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