Aimetis Symphony™ facilitates unlimited server-based CCTV system expansion


Aimetis-Symphony-2A server-based CCTV system running Aimetis Symphony™ video management software is competitively priced against an NVR-based system, even when camera numbers are small, stated the Aimetis UK distributor, Security Buying Group. However, unlike most NVR systems, Aimetis allows for unlimited expansion and increased functionality, with little or no risk of system obsolescence. Cameras can be added individually, well into the 100’s, with Aimetis offering incredible system capability.

Analytics of all types; specification of server and camera failover paths; definition of camera record resolutions and frame rates in ambient and alarm modes; automatic optimization of video streams for client viewing; joining multiple sites, servers and buildings together for centralized management and operation; inclusion of RAID and other advanced storage options; and allowance for unlimited client views are just some of the advanced features on offer.

Aimetis-Symphony-1“When Aimetis Symphony™ software is deployed on a single server it is a very cost-effective, IP CCTV solution,” explained Paul Scott, technical manager at Security Buying Group, the UK’s Aimetis distributor. “Aimetis systems have a high camera density, allowing over 100 cameras per server with real-time recording and multi-client viewing. This means a VMS is by far the most effective approach for an expanding or continually changing CCTV system. Cameras can usually be added very easily, without adding extra servers. This eliminates the need for an escalating number of NVRs and their management. Whatever the expectation of the CCTV system, Aimetis has the flexibility and capability to handle it, now and well into the future.

“Aimetis allows systems and sites to be joined as “server farms”. A simple license upgrade on a video channel enables analytics capability. A wide range of different manufacturers’ IP cameras are compatible, from Axis to Vivotek. Whatever the CCTV and security strategy being implemented, Aimetis remains competitive in small and large IP systems alike.”

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