Aimetis Simplifies IP Video System Deployment

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aimetis logoAimetis Corp., a global leader in intelligent network video management software, has launched its Aimetis A10D Thin Client™. The Thin Client™ is a secure and cost-effective PC substitute, designed to readily decode1080p Full HD video from over 30 network video camera manufacturers. The A10D is ideal for users who need more functionality than a traditional decoder, but want less complexity and fewer maintenance costs than a PC.

The Aimetis A10D boasts powerful image decoding capability; supports up to 60 FPS in 1080p; supports video streams in MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264; and provides a single HDMI output. It is designed to be used in systems with Aimetis Symphony™ video management software or Aimetis E-Series Physical Security Appliances.

aimetis A10DCompact design and intuitive user setup make the Aimetis A10D ideal for public view monitors in retail applications and video walls in large-scale deployments. The total cost of ownership, as compared to a PC solution, is less due to simplified IT management and reduced end user training.

For more information on Aimetis products and services in the UK, please contact the Security Buying Group.

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