Aimetis launches 25channel Physical Security Appliance NVR


Aimetis Corp is pleased to announce the addition of the 25 channel E7060A to its Physical Security Appliance (PSA) NVR line-up.

The E7060A PSA range combines purpose-built hardware with Aimetis Symphony™ video management and analytics software. It comes loaded with 24 of its 25 camera channel licenses.

Twenty-two camera channels have Standard video management software (VMS) licenses and two have Enterprise VE Series™ analytics licenses. A third Enterprise license is added when the PSA is registered.

Aimetis’ PSAs provide an embedded and seamless integration between VMS and video analytics. The PSAs give installers simple entry into the VA and VMS markets, with no compromise in functionality. The licenses on the PSAs are not tied to a particular camera. This allows unrestricted camera replacement and simple license upgrading. The PSA can also be integrated into much larger, multi-sited, centralized VMS solutions at any time and includes software viewing using Windows Client, Web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Aimetis PSAs support many manufacturers’ MP cameras and no software uploading or activation is required, helping to simplify installation. The PSAs have 6TB of internal storage using a WD Purple, surveillance-grade, hard disc drive and provide external support for eSATA, NAS, camera SD card and more. Fan-less cooling keeps running costs low with high reliability.

The Aimetis VE Series™, video analytics functions available include motion tracking, object classification, people counting, occupancy, auto-PTZ tracking, ANPR, facial detection, left/removed objects, virtual fence, wrong direction, motion detection and loitering/dwell time. The PSA allows this functionality to be allocated to selected cameras, with the flexibility to re-allocate to a different camera if system requirements change.

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