AGT International installs Safe City System in Enschede

AGT International has installed its UrbanShield Safe City solution in the city of Enschede for the duration of 3FM’s annual “Serious Request” event to  support the police and other first responders with safety and security solutions during the event and to showcase the city’s leading and innovative approach towards meeting these requirements.

The UrbanShield system provides a real-time situational awareness picture of the entire area on a GIS (geographic information system), displaying the location of first responders, including police officers, the fire department, city security and some private security guards  at a central command and control center.

Furthermore, UrbanShield provides actionable intelligence to police and other first responders, enabling a swift response to security alerts and for the safe running of the event and the city. All security personnel will be fitted with a GPS device which will show their location on a custom 3D map of the area where the “3FM Serious Request” event will take place. This means that duty officers and city managers can see where any problems are and direct support to any hotspots, accordingly.

Pieter Christiaan van Oranje, Head of AGT International in the Netherlands, said: “it is crucial that first responders are able to act fast and efficiently to prevent disturbances around such important and high profile public events. UrbanShield enables them to maximize the efficiency of their response. AGT International is delighted to support the City of Enschede and the Safety region of Twente with the “Serious Request” event and at the same time showcase the latest tools available to first responders to support with both event management and the delivery of a safe and secure city.”

Police Officer Wilma van Raalte of the safety region, Twente, said, “The continued growth and popularity of the “Serious Request” event means that we will be welcoming large numbers of people to Enschede in December. We want these people to be able to enjoy the occasion in a safe environment, which is why we welcome the very latest technological solutions that assist us in making this happen. UrbanShield is an example of a system that allows us to track security personnel and security alerts in real time, taking policing to the next level in terms of innovation and technological advancements.”



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