Agrippa fire door holders help care for elderly residents

Agrippa fire door holders are proving to be the perfect solution for a number of the UK’s leading care home operators, to ease access for residents whilst protecting them in the event of a fire emergency.

A spokesperson for one leading UK care homes operator where 29 Wire-free Agrippa Fire Door Holders are in use confirms that they are the perfect solution. ‘They are wire-free so they were very easy to install with no disruption, and have proved to be perfectly reliable, with no false activations. Particularly, their use means residents are free to move around our care homes without restriction.’

Geofire’s Agrippa range is the first of its kind on the market that uses digital wire-free technology to uniquely ‘listen and learn’ the sound of a specific fire alarm. This ensures the holder’s releasing trigger reacts only to the precise sound of the fire alarm rather than extraneous loud noises, so false activations are virtually eliminated.

As it’s installed at the top of the fire door, the Agrippa holder does not cause damage to flooring. Its unique learning function optimises settings to suit the installed position, and it can be programmed for timed daily releases.

The holder is part of the Agrippa Acoustic Products Range that includes an acoustically triggered fire door closer. UK manufacturer Geofire specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of electromagnetic door holders and other activation devices used widely as part of fire, security or ventilation systems.


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