Aerohub selects MOBOTIX technology to help secure UK aerospace focused Enterprise Zone

MOBOTIX AG, a leading manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems has released details of a project for Aerohub @ Newquay Cornwall Airport that will help to secure the new multi-million pound aerospace development area and critical access roads.

The South West of England is home to the largest aerospace cluster in Europe with more than 900 aerospace related companies in operation.  Aerospace contributes £3.2billion to the South West economy and is one of the most diverse and capable aerospace regions in the world. Aerohub @ Newquay Cornwall Airport offers aviation and aerospace companies a unique operating environment as England’s only aerospace focused Enterprise Zone, with significant development land and access to investment.

The Aerohub is based on the Newquay Cornwall Airport site and is planned to include hangars, aircraft hardstanding, secure outside storage and office buildings as well as a new Aerospace Learning Centre. Newquay Cornwall Airport is already home to AgustaWestland, British International Helicopters, Skybus and provides a perfect environment for organisations operating in Aircraft maintenance and Aerospace Training.

The Airport already has a number of high profile clients but with 280-acre site, Aerohub @ Newquay Cornwall Airport has ample capacity to grow. So a key security consideration was the ability to add CCTV to individual hangars, workshops and offices across the site as it expands. In some cases, these CCTV systems may need to be privately monitored by the security teams of site tenants as well as centralised control rooms.

Cormac, Principal Contractor for the new Southern Access Route, which will provide road access to both the Airport south side and Aerohub, approached Voicepath, a highly regarded security and networking specialist for assistance. Based on the requirements of the project, Voicepath recommended a MOBOTIX based solution and a core fibre infrastructure with Ethernet end points to allow additional cameras to be deployed at key sites. Voicepath also sited high resolution MOBOTIX M24, day and night capable cameras to cover the perimeter and key points of the access road.

The system has additional cameras and dual monitoring stations at both the gatehouse and central security control centre, based at the Airport Terminal. In addition, the gatehouse uses MOBOTIX MxEasy software offering an intuitively designed user interface offering quick access to all the main camera functions and potential to integrate with access control systems.

To meet privacy requirements, the MOBOTIX system has a masking capability to allow sections of the video to be obscured so MoD land cannot be monitored. The masking capability also allows individual tenants to ensure their privacy across more sensitive areas.

The MOBOTIX solution uses an innovative design that allows additional cameras to be added with relative ease and seamless integration of each new location into either control centre. This decentralized architecture places intelligence within each device and allows new cameras to be set-up into private monitoring zones and the rapid creation of additional monitoring centres as the needs of clients demand.

The system has been deemed a successful project and provides Aerohub @ Newquay Cornwall Airport a highly scalable security infrastructure with the capacity to grow along with the site. The forward thinking nature of the design provides the capacity and technology foundation to support additional features such as number plate recognition and additional security analytics systems. To ensure ultra-reliability, the cameras have independent recording even in the event of a network outage and redundant power to ensure security is not compromised even in the event of power failure.



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