Advancement in technology threatens the future of manned guarding solutions

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 15.17.09As CCTV and remote monitoring technology advance, manned guarding solutions are coming under increasing threat. There is a growing feeling in the security industry that manned guarding solutions will no longer be necessary or desirable once remote monitoring and smart technology comes into its own.

Darren Musk, Founder and Company Director of Residential Security Solutions (RSS), is expanding his company’s range of services to include the latest in CCTV monitoring solutions in order to take advantage of this technology development and secure the future of his company.

The former Royal Signal Telecoms Engineer set up his company after attaining wide-ranging experience in several high profile positions after he left the British Army. Speaking about Residential Security Solutions and the expansion of its services, Darren said, “Residential Security Solutions is a relatively new venture, and given the down-turn in the economy and competition from much larger corporations it has taken a lot of effort to get the company to the level of success we are currently enjoying. That is why we are taking measures to future-proof our organisation by introducing the new 3G wireless verified alarm and CCTV systems.”

Darren Musk - Founder and Company Director of Residential Security Solutions (RSS)

Darren Musk – Founder and Company Director of Residential Security Solutions (RSS)

It is obvious to Darren and others in the industry that this system could eventually take away the need for manned guarding, that is why Residential Security Solutions is now offering it’s clients a range of 3G wireless CCTV solutions from suppliers including Camtrak and Webeye. The majority of security companies are also focused mainly on commercial properties rather than residential properties and homes.

“Residential Security Solutions believes that this new 3G wireless and CCTV kit is the way forward for all types of homeowner and not just the more fortunate clientele as reflected in RSS pricing,” said Darren, “We are passionate about the need for residential security and better CCTV systems and we are dedicated to demonstrating this offer to everyone who is interested, showcasing how this system can support manned guarding solutions.”

Darren’s company specialise in site security and manned guarding solutions for a range of private residences, property, and people, including celebrities and high-ranking personnel. Like many manned guarding companies, Residential Security Solutions are keen highlight the vital importance of the human element.

“Although incorporating CCTV services into our company enables us to offer fully bespoke services to our clients, you cannot underestimate the importance and value of the human element in security. It has been my experience that only a person can interpret the behaviour of individuals and situations recorded on CCTV. No matter how advanced the technology, cameras alone will never be able to apply common sense interpretation to situations.”

Darren goes on to add, “That is why it is always my recommendation that our clients take advantage of a combination of services so they get the best CCTV technology in conjunction with personnel to interpret the recording; this ensures that security is proactively preventative rather than simply reactive.”

This approach, adapting to incorporate the latest technology and providing bespoke services, demonstrates Residential Security Solutions’ dedication to providing a high quality service to their clients. While there are manned guarding companies who also offer CCTV services, there are few who offer such a quality, dedicated service.

Darren said, “While many big names in manned guarding run automated services to respond to clients when they attempt to contact them, we ensure that every client has one dedicated handler for their account who is available 24/7. Our service is completely personal, hence our slogan – ‘Our business, it’s personal’.”

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