Advanced Laser Imaging aiming to revolutionise Police investigations

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.29.45Advanced Laser Imaging Ltd, a world leader in the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques, is aiming to revolutionise police investigation and criminal justice procedures with its virtual 3D immersive environments and analysis techniques.

Highly accurate 3D digital recordings of crime scenes can be captured quickly, reducing the amount of time and the number of personnel required at the scene and hence, the risk of contamination. The accurate ‘enhanced capture’ of the scene’s details can also reduce the risk of lost evidence, and the recording can be made available for the ongoing use of the whole investigation team, removing the need for repeated visits to the physical location.

With the ability to ‘walk through’ the scene, team members can assess it from any perspective and take accurate measurements. With additional advanced techniques combining the use of photogrammetry, the recordings can also be used to analyse and plot CCTV fields of view, track suspects from poor quality CCTV and even plot bullet trajectories and firing points.

This ability can be applied to the accurate reconstruction of historical crime scenes and is having a profound impact on cold case investigations and inquests.

In addition, the interactivity of the recordings can be used to help gather, and test the veracity of, witness statements. Already accepted as admissible by UK Courts and Inquests, the images, videos and plans can be played back through courtroom A/V equipment and are helping to deliver greater clarity on critical evidence whilst also saving time and money by encouraging earlier guilty pleas and reducing the need for juries to make visits to scenes of crime.

Advanced Laser Imaging will be demonstrating its revolutionising capability at Forensics Europe Expo which is being held on 29th and 30th April at Olympia, London. The leading international forum dedicated to the entire forensic sector and its supply chain, the Expo is expected to attract over 3000 forensic buyers and specifiers from across the world.

Paul Snudden, Advanced Laser Imaging’s Chief Executive, commented: “With some eight years’ experience working within the Metropolitan Police Service, our technical team has unrivalled experience in creating and exploiting the use of accurate virtual 3D environments from 3D laser scanning. Forensics Europe Expo will provide us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate just how effective our technology can be throughout the entire police investigation and criminal justice system.” 

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