ADPRO’s video transmission technology helps prevent theft at warehouse

ADPRO prevents theft at warehouse
ADPRO prevents theft at warehouse

ADPRO prevents theft at warehouse

Next generation video transmission technology reduces risk, prevents break-ins and dramatically reduces false alarms at major distribution facility

Next generation video and audio transmission technology from ADPRO by Xtralis is helping to prevent further break-ins at a major warehousing facility in the West Midlands, after it suffered a number of attacks resulting in thousands of pounds worth of stock being stolen.

Stock was previously stored at several regional distribution centres throughout the UK, but has now been brought under one roof and the distribution centralised. Warehouse management recognised the risk, and approached installer Custom Technology Solutions to specify and install a CCTV-based security system that would deter and prevent future attacks.

Brett Evans, Director of Custom Technology Solutions, recommended the award-winning Xtralis ADPRO FastTrace 2 technology at the heart of the new system: “We have used ADPRO technology before and understand its capabilities in managing alarms and video in challenging remote monitoring scenarios,” he says.

The installation comprises a number of long-range detectors at the perimeter to create a ‘virtual fence’. The detectors work in conjunction with a series of fully functional dome cameras such that when an intrusion is detected, images from the cameras are automatically transmitted in real time to a remote video response centre so that a response can be determined.

Images are transmitted, managed and stored via the ADPRO FastTrace 2, which also features an audio facility to warn intruders off site.

Brett is impressed with how well the technology is performing: “We have had very few false alarms since the system was put in place,” he says, “and the speed and ease of installation was another bonus for our engineers.”

The ADPRO FastTrace 2 is a new generation of highly reliable technology with analytics for both IP and analogue CCTV remote monitoring applications. It is a single- or multi-site system that monitors and transmits high-quality images using H.264 compression so operators within a video response centre can quickly assess an unfolding security situation and take appropriate action.

It also uses server-grade hard disks to locally store up to 8 terabytes of data ‘in the box,’ and when used in conjunction with the ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum management software, provides the most flexible multi-site video security system available.

ADPRO by Xtralis is the leading provider of software and hardware that delivers early, accurate and remote detection of threats to critical assets and infrastructure. ADPRO’s reliability and proactive approach through the use of advanced multi-knock sensing technology delivers the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

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