Ad Hoc launches new protection for vacant buildings

Ad Hoc launches new protection for vacant buildings

Ad Hoc launches new protection for vacant buildings

Europe’s leading vacant property specialist adds to its pioneering Property Guardian model with portfolio of security products and services

Property services innovator Ad Hoc Property Management, has launched its new security solutions including alarm systems and security guards to augment its pioneering Property Guardian model for vacant properties.

Ad Hoc Alarm Solutions 
Ad Hoc has introduced its alarm systems to provide added security whilst Guardians who reside at properties are at work. By deterring intrusion, preventing loss and minimising the risk associated with vacated buildings, these state-of-the-art alarms are designed to detect everything from motion, threshold breaches, smoke and extreme temperatures. Each alarm will be programmed to include a switch, which can be activated remotely, that controls its operation at specific times of the day to support the working patterns of Ad Hoc’s Guardians. The alarms have been designed not to cause structural damage to properties or listed buildings, and can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year with manned response where necessary. With no fixed-term contract required, they can be installed and activated for any time period beyond one day, accommodating both day and monthly rates. The alarm solutions will also help protect buildings whilst they are vacated, which is especially useful during sales and decommissioning periods.

Ad Hoc Security Guards 
An additional innovation for Ad Hoc is its Security Guard service, which provides a flexible and temporary option for when a property is going to be empty for just a few days, weeks or months – for example, if it is going through a sale process or planning phase, or if the property is only at risk at night, such as building sites where workmen are on-site during the day. Security Guards can also be deployed when the property has had squatters removed and therefore work is required to make the property compliant before Guardians take up residence, or when a property is being handed back to a client and becomes at risk following its Guardians moving out.

“We wanted to complement our core Property Guardian business with a number of added value services. Adding these vital security solutions to our portfolio not only assists our guardians when they are at work or away on holiday, but also provides added security when properties are being handed back to clients,” explains Simon Finneran, managing director of Ad Hoc Property Management.

Ad Hoc places guardians into vacant buildings such as old schools, care homes and fire stations to preserve and protect them from vandalism, squatters and other anti-social behaviour.

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