Active Response ‘Bee Safe’ initiative to protect school children

Michelle Bailey – Profile of a Security Industry Champion

Active Response ‘Bee Safe’ initiative to protect school children

Award winning Active Response Security Services, based in South Yorkshire, are continuing to receive plaudits from far and wide for a community initiative aimed at protecting Primary School Children.

The first video in the ‘Bee Safe’ initiative series uses animation to warn children of the dangers of playing around derelict and active building sites, and is set to be distributed through Primary Schools nationally. It is even expected to be used in Children’s Museums, Kidz Clubs and in Shopping Centres.

The Idea was formed by Managing Director Michelle Bailey, who explains why this project was so important to Active Response:

“Whilst death and injury on building and derelict/void sites amongst children is reducing according to national figures provided by HSE, the numbers are still shocking and we cannot afford to be complacent. We all have a shared responsibility to keep our children safe and this is a common danger that presents itself to us often whilst providing security on sites.

“We wanted to develop a fun, interactive way of educating our young ones on how to recognise dangers and avoid them. We decided to develop a series of HD Videos using a 3D animation character that could be used by teaching staff to engage children and alert them to varying dangers. Episode one deals with avoiding building sites and derelict/void buildings and will appear in Schools in early July 2016”.

Active Response 'Bee Safe' initiative protects school children

Michelle Bailey, Managing Director, Active Response Security Services

After engaging in focus groups, Active Response decided on the Bee character that leads a light and humorous story theme, whilst highlighting the difficulties one could find themselves in when entering unauthorised/derelict areas. Animascot of London was engaged to develop the 3D character and design and produce the first Video of the series. The project is being fully funded by Active Response and has no cost implications to those wishing to use it to educate children.

The pre-launch was held on 24th June 2016, Digital Media Centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, with senior figures from South Yorkshire Police and local Members of Parliament joining other guests to support this Initiative. Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner addressed the audience on the value of such initiatives.

Michelle Bailey concluded:

“We have always been passionate about safeguarding and invest heavily in staff training, this initiative seemed the next natural step for us and we are very excited to be working in partnership with educational authorities – helping to get this message across. Building sites, derelict buildings may seem fun but conceal many hidden dangers.”

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