Accurate 3D People Counting With iOmniscient’s iQ-112


A new capability for accurate counting and for the detection of tailgating has just been launched. Using a special device that provides both video and depth information the system can count people with over 99% accuracy.

The new product rated with an Intelligence of iQ-112 in the IQ Rating Chart runs on a Super Edge device. It uses the extra depth information to differentiate actual people from shadows, moving trolleys and light reflections.

Adding the depth dimension to the existing video data, the system can visualize and track individuals very accurately.

Detailed reports and comprehensive graphical charts are available as a standard output from the system which can be licensed or provided as a fully managed service.

They can be used for business analytics to get real-time data of flow of people which assist retailers, event managers in many of their functions.

Because the video can be used to verify the accuracy it is far more reliable than other sensor based counting systems where verification is far more difficult.

There are many applications for this technology which include:

  • The collection of counting data for statistical analysis and marketing
  • The detection of unauthorized tailgating
  • The Provision of Alerts when the building occupancy limit is reached and the adherence to safety regulations
  • Check whether all people have exited a building before closing
  • Determination of the busiest areas of a mall to assist with the valuation of shop space
  • Understand people flow and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Interfacing with access control systems for highly secured areas

Tomb of Chinese President’s father is safeguarded by iOmniscient
China’s imperial city Xian used to be known as the start of the Silk Route. In more recent times it gained fame for its Terracotta Army. Today there is another pilgrimage that leads people to this place in large numbers: The tomb of Xi Zhongxun, father of China’s President Xi Jinping.

The late Xi, an early communist leader, is enjoying a post-mortem revival. A statue of the father of the nation’s leader — 60 tons of granite — serves as the centerpiece of a square flanked by cypress trees.


Xi Zhongxun, a liberal leader, was a former vice premier who was persecuted during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, a decade-long socio-political movement between 1966 and 1976, aimed at enforcing communism in the country.

Xi Zhongxun’s memorial has now acquired a new look and prominence as his son Xi Jinpeng emerged as the most powerful leader after Deng. Thousands of visitors come to Zhongxun’s memorial every year to see the impressive tomb and to honor this important Chinese leader.

In view of the crowds, the authorities required a surveillance system that could cope with the throngs to protect and help to handle the crowds each day.

iOmniscient’s intelligent video analytics system is used to provide the intelligence required to protect and manage the site. It is used for Queue and Crowd management as well as for ensuring that miscreants do not damage or deface the venerated site. The system also ensures that no packages or other items are left in the area (despite the massive crowds) and that known trouble makers are recognized and monitored.

The University of San Fransisco
iOmniscient has successfully installed its Facial Recognition Software in conjunction with Cisco’s Video Management platform at the University of San Francisco, California, to improve physical security in residence halls.

With the help of this analytics system, around 10,000 students at the University of San Francisco can feel more safe and comfortable in their residences knowing that there will be no unauthorized intruders.

Watch the below video to find out more:

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