Account Manager, Simon Reeve, on the EURO 46 V10

New product from Pyronix

The EURO 46 V10 is the latest evolution of the Pyronix range.

Based on the highly successful EURO 46 PSTN and APP compatible panels, we have upgraded the offering to provide more flexibility, greater capability and have made the whole solution even easier and more cost effective.

The EURO 46 has always provided installers with a high-quality metal end station, with 8 wired inputs on-board, as well as 2 inputs on the proximity tag enabled LCD keypad, which is supplied inside the panel.

With a total of 10 wired inputs “out of the box” and the flexibility to add a further 32 inputs, using either wired or wireless expander modules, the system was great for new installations and takeovers too.

With the evolution to V10, installers see an upgraded but familiar menu structure and the usual comprehensive line up of accessories, with the ability to add a further 32 inputs which could be wired or wireless. The addition of a second wireless expander doesn’t need to be for additional inputs, but could be used to extend the wireless range by connecting the additional expander anywhere on the data bus, alongside the keypads and other RS485 devices.

The truly flexible nature of this hybrid solution is that it provides up to 2 wireless external sounders, 32 wireless keyfobs, 4 wireless arming station keypads and 64 wireless inputs, ranging from door contacts, PIR and dual technology (DT) detectors, to life safety devices and confirmation tools.

The EURO 46 V10 also offers huge flexibility in communications, with the DIGI-WIFI/XA, LAN or GPRS modules providing remote end user app control and alerts, as well as fast remote access for engineers through the InSite software. If the installation requires more traditional PSTN, GSM or PSTN Voice communications, this can be easily achieved by a simple swap in modules.

If you’re looking for a modern and full featured single path solution exceeding the requirements of BS8243 (EN50131/PD6662) Grade 2 signalling through an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), for either police, keyholder or guard response, this can be easily achieved with the award winning CSL DigiAir Connected Pyronix communicator from the Pyronix range, which provides a modern solution with the best of all worlds; secure ARC monitoring, HomeControl+ App and installer support and remote servicing. The CSL DigiAir Connected Pyronix platform is available through all compatible monitoring stations, using either GPRS, WiFi or LAN as a wired Ethernet connection to the router. Alternatively, for legacy installations this can be achieved with the PSTN module using the clients’ phone line.

If you need a higher grade of communications, look no further than the EURO 46L, which offers a larger metal end station and a more capable power supply, to provide capacity for a 12v 18ah battery and a third party dual path signalling device.

When using a third party signalling device triggered by the supplied connection cable, you can also add a WiFi, LAN or GPRS to give control through the HomeControl+ app and notifications alongside.

As a more capable and easier platform, with a one panel for all, you don’t need to look any further than the EURO 46 V10.

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