Access control technology from Kaba secures Royal Scottish Academy

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama is Scotland’s international conservatoire and the only one in the UK to offer music, drama and dance to degree level. With around 800 students from 45 countries worldwide, The Academy offers a performance-based training where excellence and the student
experience are at the heart of everything they do.

It was here Kaba Ltd was invited to undertake a security survey to identify, provide and install a fully integrated solution that would meet all their security requirements.

With client consultation, Kaba went through a process of understanding The Academy’s requirements to identify areas that needed enhanced security and to identify areas of low security risk. This would enable the initial installation to provide the best security solution and management of personnel movement, but with the ability to develop over time to include the areas that had been identified as lower security points initially.

Subsequently, nine on-line doors on The Academy’s main site are secured using exos 9300 which is the latest product in an established line of access control systems developed by Kaba, with three stand-alone Kaba elolegic C-Levers on the main finance office and instrument room doors to secure musical equipment that is worth thousands of pounds.

A further five on-line doors are installed at the new 6.3 million Speirs Locks Studios which also includes four C-Levers fitted to the Staff and Communications room doors.

Combining both mechanical locking cylinders with online access control has provided The Academy with a cost effective and flexible solution.

Kaba exos CardLink seamlessly integrates these two system approaches. Using our innovative Legic RFID card concept, on-line and stand-alone components are now configured centrally – so from one single control system, The Academy can now manage both networked doors and access points with
standalone door locks and readers. This enables the staff and students to gain access to their respective rooms in both buildings using a single card.

Chris McGeever, Buildings Operations Manager at The Academy commented, “I am delighted to have worked with the team at Kaba Ltd. As Scotland’s international conservatoire it is only right that we ensure a safe environment for our staff and students.
The Academy strives for excellence at all times therefore it is only right that we work alongside a company such as Kaba”.

The Academy bears testament to the success of a complete Kaba solution.
Kaba technology has ensured all on-line and stand alone locking systems can be integrated which not only provides diversity in levels of security but also future proofs The Academy’s investment.

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