Access control system protecting Athens City-County Health Department

brivo-logoManagement at the Athens City-County Health Department are benefiting from increased security and peace of mind through the installation of a new access control system.

The facility in Athens, Ohio, now utilises the Brivo ACS WebService access control solution from Brivo Systems after the Health Department identified a “pressing need” to enhance their security from the standard lock and key that had been used.

After receiving bids, the team chose the Brivo solution offered by Tyco Integrated Security as the dealer and installer for the project.

The ACS WebService is a web-hosted access control solution allowing facilities to control their system remotely via a standard Web browser. The off-site controls of the system means management staff can grant temporary access to personnel from anywhere with an internet connection.

Employees throughout the Athens City-County Health Department, including full-time employees, part-time employees, outside contractors and health service partners, were separated into different groups, with different day, time and location access privileges.

The system allows management at the site to monitor day-to-day movements and investigate any potential security breaches. With a growing emphasis on increasing security for birth, death and other records, the Department is benefiting from the specific-access privileges provided by the ACS WebService system.

Charles Hammer, Administrator for Athens City-County Health Department, said: “The off-site, anytime control of the system was very appealing.

“I have the cleaning crew programmed only for access from 4:00-5:30. If someone gets one of those cards, they can’t get in except during that period, and I know what card was used to attempt an unauthorized access and when—it’s very comforting to know we have this level of reporting and control. This solution to many of our potential vulnerabilities is iron clad.”

The newly-installed system means Hammer can also produce reports on staff time and attendance, while it would also provide an audit trail showing peoples’ movement in the event of a public health emergency.

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