Advantages of the FDI Easy Door Controller

door access control system
door access control system

Easy Door Controller

The FDI “Easy door controller” combines technical know how and convenience to provide an access control solution suited to the needs of the modern world.

The access control system is based on a new and more efficient concept. With the Easy Door Controller web software, clients can program their access keys over the internet with an encoder connected to a computer.  The beauty lies within the simplicity of this system. The keys themselves will transmit the information about user profiles and door programming to the controllers. The end result is this, no installer will be required to go on-site to remove or add more badges or keys.  If a key is lost, all that is required is for the installer to programme it and send it out. It is quick, efficient and user friendly.

The next big advantage of this system is the time saved when installing it. With a traditional network-access system, each controller must be wired to a single network. With this door access control system, the controller is placed where it is needed and connected to the mag lock.

Clients are concerned when they hear about specific software required for any new system.  It conjures up images of staff being trained, compatibility issues leading to delays or hardware changes.  As a plug-and-play system style is used, no software installation is required. Keys are simply registered and programmed here:

All client access data is stored on FDI servers which keep 20 of the most recent backup from the site. This means that any tech issues, theft or loss of a computer will not mean the loss of the site data. If there is an operator error previously saved data can easily be recovered and restored.

The key is programmed using an encoder which is connected to the client’s PC. Access right of various users is transferred directly to the keys, which will then transmit the information to the access controller when it is swiped.

Sites can therefore be programmed and managed from the comfort of the office or the home. The client no longer needs to return to the site for any type of programming he or she must simple send the keys to their recipients at the premises.

In order to remove a key or keys, or to change access profiles, all the client needs to do it log in to the easy door controller website, make the changes and encode the key using the encoder.


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