AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) v6.3 software now available from CEM Systems

CEM Systems Virtual Matrix

CEM Systems Virtual Matrix

CEM Systems Virtual Matrix

AC2000 SE v6.3 includes AC2000 WEB applications & increased support for American Dynamics latest video products

CEM Systems, a brand of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) version 6.3 software.  Many innovative new features include AC2000 WEB applications and support for DSC PowerSeries intruder panels and American Dynamics latest video products, such as Hybrid-DVR (HDVR), and VideoEdge NVR4 video solution.

“The AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system is continually developed to meet both industry needs and customer feature requests” said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director, CEM Systems.  “AC2000 SE v6.3 software offers customers powerful integration capabilities with the latest security products released by DSC & American Dynamics and has a host new functionality that enhances user operations such as AC2000 web applications”.

AC2000 web applications enables customers to access a host of AC2000 SE applications via a standard web browser, without having to install dedicated AC2000 software.  Web applications include ‘Web Visitor Management’, ‘Web Alarm Status Display’ and ‘Web Door Status Display’.  Using the AC2000 Web Visitor Management module, customers can now schedule new visitors, issue visitor cards and create a multitude of reports all via a web browser.

In addition to the complete American Dynamics Intellex range, BOSCH, Synectics and IndigoVision integrations, AC2000 SE v6.3 now supports full two-way integration with American Dynamics Hybrid-DVR (HDVR) and VideoEdge NVR4 video products.  Customers can control cameras, view live camera footage and playback recorded video footage all from within the central CEM alarm and event monitoring application.

AC2000 SE v6.3 also features increased support for the DSC Powerseries range of intruder panels. Using a fully integrated virtual intruder keypad, intruder functions such as configuring zones and arming/disarming can be centrally performed using the CEM AC2000 system.  Inputs from Powerseries panels can also be placed on central Alarm Event Display graphical maps with SMS text messages/emails sent upon a given intruder alarm.  This allows the operator to quickly identify an alarm and its exact location, creating fast response time and a centralised viewpoint of all security systems.

AC2000 SE v 6.3 offers a range of other features and improvements:

•             AC2000 Getting started Wizard – The wizard helps system administrators to configure a new AC2000 SE system.  Using a simplified step-by-step guide, users are guided through the pre-requisites of initiating a new system and how they should begin to issue access control cards.

•             Personnel CSV Import Tool – The new CSV import tool will allow system administrators to import cardholder details into the AC2000 SE Personnel application via a simple, intuitive user interface.  This will simplify the bulk loading of data from a 3rd party system and will prevent duplication of data entry.  Users can also attach supporting personnel files/documents to cardholder records, for example driver licenses or passports.

•             Zone Occupany for use in car parks e.t.c – Customers can set a ‘maximum’ occupancy level which then triggers a Open/Close command when the zone or car park becomes full.

•             Keypad Commands – Using CEM readers with keypad, users can enter pre-defined PIN codes at a door to trigger an output or an alarm.  This is ideal for example to trigger heating controls or to switch lights on/off.

About CEM Systems access control technologies
CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, people counting systems and the industry’s most advanced and flexible range of card readers.  Powerful integration with American Dynamics Intellex digital video management systems provides a complete video and access control solution that is unmatched in the security industry.

From a small facility using the highly innovative webEntry Pro, to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands of users enrolled in the sophisticated AC2000 access control system, CEM branded products provide a solution to meet even the most complex needs. Highly regarded in airports as the security solution of choice, each CEM system can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer, ensuring a powerful, highly tailored level of protection that simply cannot be matched in the industry.

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