A rush of dealerships for eLOQ innovative new smart key system

A rush of dealerships for eLOQ innovative new smart key system

A rush of dealerships for eLOQ innovative new smart key system devised by computer scientists and security specialists

Less than a year on the market and the eLOQ system has quickly picked up dealerships throughout the UK and is already in multiple talks with international partners. With the ability to provide a far safer and more flexible security system for homes and businesses, it is clear this innovative product is a solid alternative to any traditional security setup.

Thinking outside the box has been part of the eLOQ ethos since its conception. This can be seen with the growing range of diverse industries interested in taking on the product. With the ability to create and manage electronic keys which cannot be copied or picked, it’s apparent that any organisation can benefit from the product, especially those that have a need for accountability for access.

The award-winning Managing Director Nanda Lakshminarayanan explains:

“eLOQ easily introduces the power of accountability where it is needed without the high cost of expensive and complicated systems. The stories we’re hearing about the success our suppliers are having with the product is absolutely great news and it just proves that this type of product has a purpose everywhere. Our software team are already in the process of developing further features to enhance usability and provide additional elements for our growing and diverse markets.”

The simplicity of eLOQ, along with its easy-to-use and secure cloud-based software, means anyone can quickly learn how to use it. Easily program the keys and locks to your users bespoke access privileges and then you are ready to go. With the power drawn from the key rather than the lock, you don’t have to worry about calling in an electrician or altering your existing layout. The easily replaceable and long-life battery enables you to open up to 30,000 locks before the need to change, taking away the inconvenience of recharging your keys on a regular basis.

Other benefits with eLOQ over the traditional, mechanical lock and key systems include; restricting access to specific locks or areas based on date and time; the ability to view an audit trail held in the keys and locks; and the ‘blacklisting’ of lost or stolen keys without the time and expense of physically replacing locks.

With an ever growing product range of locks, the possibilities of eLOQ within the home or business are endless. To find our more or join our dealership list, please call 01522 716327.

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