A new revolution in the external and internal wireless covert surveillance has arrived!

PUMA covert CCTV system
PUMA covert CCTV system

PUMA covert CCTV system

SG Systems UK Limited (Shopguard) – a market leading provider of anti-theft solutions and CCTV design house, has launched the new PUMA covert CCTV system, a rugged, compact, long distance user friendly system, which can provide cost effective CCTV monitoring and recording of suspected criminal activity.

This new unique loss prevention product utilises an exceptionally stable transmission platform, in high multipath environments, offering high quality low latency video images and recordings in conditions where traditional analogue methods fail.  It is a perfect solution for body worn, mobile and temporary operations, with its rapid deployment camera recording system and low power consumption, all contained in an award winning highly portable, compact and impact resistant casing.

This robust inordinate Puma kit is not only very effective in noise affected areas due to its encrypted secure transmission and greater transmission distances but also very simple to implement and easy to move for instant deployment.

SG Systems UK Ltd. Marketing Manager, Patricia Oles, commented: “We believe that our new Puma covert CCTV system is also particularly well suited to the needs of companies or individuals, that suffer loses of information, stock or personal items and require a discreet investigatory proving tool in order to resolve relevant issues.”

About SG Systems UK Ltd

SG Systems UK Limited is a market leading provider of anti-theft solutions, CCTV design and customer activity marketing, by means of our many and varied product solutions, including: E.A.S. (Electronic Article Surveillance) tagging systems, incorporating the likes of our new illuminated Twilight system, Drinkspector, an universal tool to protect bottles and of course our market leading Octopus merchandising security loop alarm system, to mention but a few!

We are both an international manufacturer and CCTV design house, as well as a professional installer, with a service delivery ethos of the highest possible standards. This means we are always able to provide best pricing, product innovation and value for money.

Patricia Oles
+44 (0)8452 262 678

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