The Security Catalogue – A community space for the global security industry

Security-CatalogueThe Security Catalogue is a new online business space aiming to give the security industry one portal to access accurate information and reach decision-makers around the world.

Philip Ingram, managing director of The Security Catalogue, told SecurityNewsDesk the space has been designed to act as a single focal point for the global industry and has received “huge amounts” of positive feedback. It was developed to be simple, intuitive to use and to create a community atmosphere for the industry.

The Security Catalogue features categorised member company listings and other novel aspects, including a forum so members can ask questions, advertise products and interact with each other. Features also include a blog capability, so companies can keep members updated on the latest goings-on in the security industry.

Ingram said: “My hopes for The Security Catalogue are that it quickly becomes recognised as the industry leader and will allow a much better business experience for the global security industry, letting people come together in a way that we can enhance their sales and marketing departments.”

The Catalogue provides three levels of membership, ranging from the free silver service which lists company information in each category they operate through to gold, which gives additional details, and also a bespoke platinum level.

Upon launch the site contained 2,800 listings and its pages include some unique sections, such as ones for global security tenders. A global sales network and strong social media push is bringing The Security Catalogue to the attention of the industry and the database will be constantly updated as members bring out new products or promote their latest news.

“We have no limits to how far we can expand; the online business space will take as many people as want to become part of it,” said Ingram.

“Our sales and marketing capability has got over 25 years of experience in the wider defence and security industry. And our web team are experts in new innovative ways of working the web and social marketing, so we are ready to take on as many people as want to come on and be part of it.”

The Security Catalogue

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