British anti-terrorism security company claims Australian accolade


A leading British manufacturer of anti-terrorism security measures has been recognised by the Australian security industry for its latest innovative product. Coventry-based Safetyflex Barriers has received the ‘Product of the Year’ award at the Australian Security Industry Awards for its 9-40 Truckstopper Bollard.

Safetyflex teamed up with Australian distributors EZI Security Systems in 2018 after specifically testing the 9-40 for sale in the country, which has been on high alert since the January 2017 car attack in Melbourne which saw six people killed and 30 more injured.

The product is reportedly easy to assemble or take down as required and can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at high speeds, and is also the cheapest removable bollard system on the market today. It also has a shallow foundation size of 20cm, meaning that it can be set up without the need to re-divert utilities.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex, said: “The team at EZI Security Systems are incredibly proud to have been honoured at the Australian Security Industry Awards, there is no higher accolade for their work over there.

“Our business in Australia is moving quickly, so to have made such an impact with our first design specifically made for that country is a testament to the quality of our work. As Safetyflex Barriers is the fast growing anti-terrorist barrier company in the world, we have some very innovative and niche products, that no other company can offer.

“So we have teamed up with Ezi Security systems, as they are the leaders in Australia for anti-terrorist bollards and barriers, as well as protecting key assets and public realm projects. We hope that our products and the confidence shown in them by such an important organisation gives people some piece of mind.”

Safetyflex’s products help to secure potentially vulnerable areas such as Shopping centres, sports stadiums, government buildings, military, utilities and key infrastructure centres. Their products are currently used across the UK as well as in the USA and Australia.

Troy Donnelly, at EZI Security Systems, said: “We are proud to be working with Safetyflex to protect people and infrastructure in Australia. The 9-40 Truckstopper Bollard is a great product and this award is recognition of the hard work that has gone into designing it.”


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