7Safe is challenging the IT professionals at IP EXPO!

7Safe is challenging the IT professionals at IP EXPO!

7Safe is challenging the IT professionals at IP EXPO!

Are you a qualified Cyber Professional employed in the emerging global cyber security market?

If not, you could be in the future by training with our team of practising Cyber Consultants.

7Safe provides specialist technical security expertise that helps organisations build confidence and trust in the integrity and reliability of their data and IT systems. As part of PA Consulting Group, we offer a comprehensive set of IT, cyber security and education services that few can compete with.

Our technical experts have devised two cyber skills contests specifically for IP EXPO Europe; namely:

Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag (CTF) is a web based hacking challenge developed by 7Safe’s Steven van der Baan in his capacity as a project leader of the OWASP CTF Project. You will not require any previous hacking experience or any tools, just creativity, resourcefulness and networking skills to solve the problems and ‘capture the flag’.

At IP EXPO Europe, the challenge will be run against the clock at set times throughout the event. You will encounter some of the latest vulnerabilities in IT systems which you will be required to exploit. Our expert consultants will be on hand to offer tips and assistance and to help you learn how your systems might suffer from similar vulnerabilities.

Have you ever considered a career as a Cyber Forensics Specialist? Do you think you have the skills required to find and preserve evidence in a criminal or security investigation?

We have created a STOMP (Stop the offensive malware process) challenge for this very purpose.

STOMP involves a version of the infamous CryptoLocker ransomware. We will set the malware off to do its thing and then there are three separate challenges:

• Can you find me?
• Can you stop me?
• Can you remove me?

All you have to do is identify, stop and remove the malware so we can restore our files. It can’t be that hard right?
At IP EXPO Europe, the delegate that completes all three challenges in the shortest time each day will be offered a free place at one of our industry and university accredited hands-on training courses.

All contestants will also be entered into a prize draw for a further chance of winning a place worth up to win up to £2,100 on one of our amazing training courses!
The message from 7Safe’s Cyber Experts is: “Go on, have a go!”

If you would to try one or both of these challenges, contact us at 7Safe.com to book your free place.

Click here for more information and to register for IP EXPO Europe

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