47-Foot Yacht stays safe and secure with the 2GIG GC3 System

2GIG GC3 System

When it comes to thievery, boats have always been a primary target. Many are left unprotected dockside and mooring or trailer storage during periods of non-usage make them extremely vulnerable targets.

This is especially so when it comes to a luxury 47-foot trawler, such as the one owned by Matt Lombardi Sr. of Seattle-based Absolute Security Alarms (ASA). As an expert on the subject, it was obvious to Lombardi that the security system that has led his business to great success would be the system he’d install on his beloved and valuable boat — the 2GIG GC3 by Nortek Security & Control (NSC).

The 2GIG GC3 Security and Control Panel is an intuitive and customizable all-in-one wireless security solution that controls and automates smart home devices, including thermostats, light bulbs, light switches and more. With its 7” touch screen, the GC3 panel delivers intuitive access to the security and control system, which can also be remotely operated and controlled from a smartphone when away from the home – or in this case, the boat.

Soon after installing the GC3 system, Lombardi inadvertently discovered an added benefit of the 2GIG system as the boat’s engine needed some work. He commented, “I hired a mechanic to repair the engine, and boat mechanics charge by the hour. The 2GIG system instantly detects whenever someone sets foot on the boat and then also tracks when they leave, so I knew exactly how long the mechanic was on the boat. It turns out that I hired a very honest mechanic as the bill matched up precisely to the number of hours the GC3 detected that he was working!”

A GoControl programmable thermostat allows Lombardi to manually set the boat’s diesel furnace on and off via the system’s app. “This way I’m not heating the boat when I’m not on it and I can turn it on when I’m heading to the marina so it’s warm when I arrive,” he said. “It saves a lot of fuel. The thermostat also warns me when preset highs and lows are reached, helping me to watch the temperatures.”



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