Communal garden in Kensington secures access control with CLIQ Go from Abloy


Abloy UK and security company Barry Brothers have supplied and installed a CLIQ Go electronic cylinder solution to a communal garden in Kensington, London to provide its subscribers with reliable and secure access.

The garden’s previous access control system had proven to be unreliable, at times allowing members of the public unauthorised access which often resulted in damage in the area. Also, previous subscribers had maintained ingress and egress to the garden by retaining their key after their subscription had lapsed.

Located in an enclosed area, the garden is secured with an external gate that is fully exposed to the elements. The resident committee required a durable locking solution to cope with such conditions, with the technology to control multiple access requirements; to allow subscribing resident’s access to the gardens and a team of contractors and committee members with higher access permission to enter the internal compound to enable maintenance of the gardens.

The CLIQ Go App moves security to a new dimension, enabling controlled security from a mobile device and the ability to easily revoke access permission of non-subscribed individuals. Features include the ability to schedule access to areas and to provide contractors with time-limited access. If a key is lost, access can also be revoked using the CLIQ Go App, all managed from a cloud-based system.

The system has been installed for six months with excellent feedback from the committee and subscribers. Membership subscriptions have increased and savings have also been achieved because of the reduced number of locksmith callouts.

Sam Moxey, Technical Sales and Project Manager at Barry Brothers, said, “I wanted to ensure that the solution we specified would perform as required and finally resolve what had become an ongoing issue for the committee. Having worked with Abloy UK for a number of years, I had no hesitation in recommending CLIQ Go. It was very easy to set up and the programming of the CLIQ Go locks and keys was achieved easily, fitting with my busy workload.”

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