Leader in card manufacturing Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) announces delivery of 500 millionth inductive coupling platform


Leader in card manufacturing Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) announces delivery of 500 millionth inductive coupling platform.

Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) is recognised as a worldwide leader in subsets for smart card manufacturing thanks to its inductive coupling technology. With a production capacity that doubles every two years, the company has now delivered over 500 million eBoost inductive coupling platforms for diverse markets segments worldwide.


SPS eBoost inductive coupling technology is widely adopted across all segments: payment, identity for cards and passports as well as mass-transit. All types of documents can benefit from the advantages of the technology: contact cards, contactless cards, hybrid (contact and contactless with two chips) and dual interface (single chip contact and contactless). Inductive coupling technology is qualified for a variety of materials: PVC, PET and PC (polycarbonate).

As a result of SPS continuous innovation, inductive coupling is recognized as a market standard. The technology is widely adopted to build dual interface payment cards. A decisive migration movement is happening in the Americas as payment networks and financial institutions have decided to distribute dual interface cards on a massive scale to their cardholders. SPS inductive coupling brings its decisive advantages of quality and security to support card vendors in tackling this highly attractive market.

SPS eBoost inductive coupling is adopted by numerous card manufacturers worldwide as it allows them to evolve easily from contact cards to dual interface, hybrid and contactless cards while keeping the same equipment and the same process. High yields and insignificant return rates ensure that the whole process is extremely cost-effective and brings a high level of satisfaction for the issuers.

SPS inductive coupling is compatible with all chips and operating systems delivered by leading manufacturers for the smart card industry. SPS supports card manufacturers at all steps, from the selection process for card bodies and modules all the way to onsite support and precertification.

Didier Trutt, Chairman & CEO of IN Groupe declares: “The fact we have delivered 500 million eBoost inductive coupling platforms is a recognition of SPS innovative technology and its customer focus for all market segments: identity, payment and mass-transit.”

IN Groupe / Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) will be exhibiting on booth B14 (3rd floor) at SDW, a world-leading event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, taking place at the QEII Centre, London, UK, on June 25-27, 2018. Visit www.s-p-s.com to find out more.

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