6-way control ball valves offer precise control of heated and chilled ceilings

6-way control ball valves offer precise control of heated and chilled ceilings

6-way control ball valves offer precise control of heated and chilled ceilings

• Suitable solution for heated/chilled ceiling applications with 4-pipe system
• Replaces four conventional valves, including actuators
• Built-in pressure compensation function and high flow values

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has expanded its comprehensive Acvatix range of valves with 6-way control ball valves especially suited for use in heated/chilled ceiling applications. Because of its special design, a 6-way control ball valves replaces four conventional valves, including actuators, in a 4-pipe heated/chilled ceiling; since there is only actuator, it occupies only one data point. Less effort for installation, commissioning and cabling as well as decreased space requirements reduce the complexity of the plant and result in lower costs.

The new 6-way control ball valves from Siemens have a built-in pressure compensation function which is active when the valve is in the closed position (i.e. when no heating or cooling is needed). This prevents over- or underpressure which might otherwise damage the heated/chilled ceiling. In addition, the valves are bubble- and water-tight as per EN12666-1, Class A.

The finely graduated flow values (kvs) of the new 6-way control ball valves allow a great deal of planning flexibility since there is a suitable valve even for large rooms and high heating/cooling demands. kvs values precisely adjusted to the flow demand offer excellent energy efficiency. Different screw fittings allow the control ball valves to be attached to different pipe dimensions without additional pipe expanders or reducers. The valves are available with inner or outer thread screw fittings; third-party screw fittings can also be used.

The OpenAir actuators from Siemens have a preinstalled mounting kit for the new 6-way control ball valves, which allows for tool-free mounting. Color- and number-coded connection cables on the actuators as well as connection diagrams and data matrix codes printed on the actuators (for direct access to installation instructions and data sheets) ensure easy installation and error-free wiring.

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