5 camera features improve business efficiency in your smart store

5 camera features improve business efficiency in your smart store

5 camera features improve business efficiency in your smart store

Managing a small shop is a very responsible task. It requires a lot of free time devoted to supervising staff, preparing statistics, care of the comfort of customers, etc. So people search for intelligent solutions that will ensure the safety of the store and allow remote contact with customers from anywhere in the world.

Below are 5 innovative camera functions that will improve the management of the shop.

A device that truly meets the above assumption is AirLive SmartCube SC-300W – 3MP Intelligent Wireless Cube IPCAM.

  1. People Counting

The people counting feature gives you the opportunity to check how many people visit the shop. The solution will provide information about the hours in which the customers are in your shop. On the basis of issued receipts you can calculate the difference between the number of visits and the number of purchases, and then draw the appropriate conclusions. With this feature you can avoid over or under-staffing by getting a better handle on your peak and slow times of the week.

With counting feature you can measure which promotions work best.

SmartCube SC-300W counts visitors in the zone defined by the owner of the company, and then automatically sends reports.

  1. Voice Announcement as Greetings

The camera can play greetings to customers visiting the store and customers coming out of the store. The built-in sound library includes bell ring, “Welcome” and “Bye- Bye.” But you can also upload your own voice samples.

  1. Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This additional information will allow you to take care of the customer comfort. Information about the temperature and humidity are displayed in real-time, so you can react any time – turning on heating, air conditioning or humidifier.

  1. Intelligent Video Analytics

This feature helps you to save your human resources and reaches the goal of automatic surveillance. For example face detection feature is highly precise, so it has accurate rate of recognition on human faces only.

Camera with Intelligent Video Analytics feature can inform you when objects are crossing the boundaries you have set in the camera.

  1. Two way voice conversation

With this option, the employee may speak with a customer in a situation where he had to momentarily leave the store. This is a much better solution than leave a card with the text “be right back”.

SmartCube SC-300W is easy to setup and operation with mobile device. It is very important that the manufacturer took care of a mobile application from which you can manage the camera anywhere in the world.

SmartCube SC-300W supports APP CAM available for Android and iOS. From this level you can get a preview of the image and information about the temperature and humidity.

More advanced features are available through the mobile web wizard – specially prepared for the mobile version of the configuration panel.

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