3xLOGIC launches Updated Website amid Product Re-Branding

3xLOGIC launches Updated Website amid Product Re-Branding

3xLOGIC launches Updated Website amid Product Re-Branding

Optimized website user experience and consistent branding across all product lines

3xLOGIC, Inc. a leading provider of integrated intelligent security solutions announced it has launched an updated, vastly improved integrated website as well as the completion of re-branding for the infinias product line.

The updated website combines 3xLOGIC’s VMS, Video, and Business Intelligence product lines with the infinias Access Control line, which was acquired in March 2015. Other standout benefits from the re-design include:

• Improved site navigation, which makes finding the right information much easier and faster.

• New Product pages that contain everything and more that the visitor is looking for: product images, short and long-form descriptions, specifications, base and “add-on” part numbers, product downloads for collateral, user guides, firmware updates, Tech Tips, videos, and more, as well as sidebars featuring related products.

• A new Support section with a Knowledge Base offering enhanced search capabilities, a single source Certification training section, and easy to access software downloads.

Simultaneous with the completion of the updated website, the company is announcing the re-branding of the infinias line of access control solutions. With such loyal partners and customers, 3xLOGIC sought to manage the transition of infinias access control into the 3xLOGIC product line through a gradual, transparent process.

As with 3xLOGIC’s video product line, branded VIGIL, and 3xLOGIC’s camera line, branded VISIX, the 3xLOGIC access control line is branded infinias to maintain the strong brand recognition and reputation. This transition to new branding includes the infinias access control management software line, formerly called Intelli-M Access.

Intelli-M Access software editions will now be referred to as infinias CLOUD, infinias ESSENTIALS, infinias PROFESSIONAL, and infinias CORPORATE (see details for each infinias solution here!). This change keeps with the infinias tradition, while effectively and seamlessly incorporating the product line within the 3xLOGIC portfolio.

Senior Director of Marketing, Wendi Burke commented:

“Even before our acquisition of the infinias line over one and a half years ago, our growth has exploded. So, it was essential that we effectively incorporate our infinias line into the 3xLOGIC branding strategy, and then include all that information and more into a re-designed website, which optimises the user experience and better reflects our leadership standing in the industry today.”

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