32 years of British design and manufacturing of external detector equipment

British manufacturing has suffered years of steady decline as many companies chose to manufacture overseas because of cheap labour. However, owing to wage inflation and rising costs abroad, many businesses are now investing in reshoring production back to the UK. Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director of UK based, GJD Manufacturing Limited, discusses the importance of bringing manufacturing back home.

Why buy UK manufactured intrusion detection and alarm systems
UK manufactured security systems provide valuable benefits to businesses, end users and the UK economy. Major advantages include quicker and increased certainty on delivery times and significantly lower costs as transportation prices are reduced. Businesses don’t continually need to bulk order and these cost savings are ultimately passed on to the customer.
There are many other motivating factors for buying security detector equipment from a UK manufacturer including smaller supply chains, which are proven to be more responsive, allowing companies to develop stronger customer relationships.
The UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) identified 1,500 new manufacturing jobs since 2011 and the Manufactory Advisory Service (MAS) latest survey revealed quality, cost and ultra-quick lead times are key driving factors to move production back to the UK.

Innovative GJD products

GJD was established in 1983. In these early days the original Minipassive PIR detector was manufactured in a garage using outworkers. The product proved to be a success in the surveillance market and GJD saw a significant increase in sales. During the next five years the product range expanded seeing the business move to a small workshop in Bolton, employing six full-time staff and three outworkers.
By forging new paths in design and manufacturing technology, GJD was able to launch the Solitaire 2 Touch Control, earning GJD its place as the market leader in security lighting control. GJD invested in additional surface mount technology machines and introduced its Elite PIR range, which attracted a great deal of interest from the market. This was key to the increase in sales and funded the UK development of the first DX10 (Emerald) two-zone security lighting controller and DX5 (Sapphire) single zone lighting controller.
GJD exhibited at the first IFSEC exhibition at Olympia in 1987, launching its first generation external JL20 (Opal) PIR and the Minipassive internal PIR range. Innovative design was to become GJD’s core strategic focus, for example it evolved the traditional Fresnel lens by incorporating a new optical design that provided more sensitive multiple vertical curtains. By prioritising the supply of external PIR’s to the blossoming CCTV market, GJD then launched the advanced Elite PIR with CCTV alarm outputs plus the now well accepted light controls.

During the 1990’s research and development costs were increasing at an alarming rate, engineers were in short supply and many UK companies, including GJD were struggling to keep pace with their rivals in the Far East.
In December 2004, Mark Tibbenham acquired GJD and announced the launch of the new D-TECT range. Once again a British company was taking up the mantle and spearheading the release of a new range of external detectors.
Mark Tibbenham explains that investing in GJDs own in-house manufacturing processes has not only enabled the company to be set apart from its competitors, but expertise and innovation has been greatly improved as well as the reliability and quality of the security products manufactured, all of which are key to sustaining UK economic growth and to delivering excellent customer service.

Flexibility and Design
GJDs detectors for perimeter surveillance can be uniquely adjusted to suit specific fields of view and customer requirements. GJD has second to none expertise and provides flexible detection solutions to all sectors from residential, industrial and commercial to airports, borders, military bases and ports.
The company, now located in Heywood, Greater Manchester is recognised as a global leader and is an exceptional example of how a UK business is capitalising on the Great British reputation of manufacturing high-end quality products.

Quality and Accreditations
A fundamental benefit of manufacturing in-house means that all of GJD’s products go through stringent testing procedures to verify the functionality and quality of finished products, ensuring the detectors are durable, weather resistant and industry compliant with the latest regulations including ISO 9001:2008.
At the end of 2014 GJD proudly received the Rochdale business of the year award, further setting the company apart from its competitors.
Mark Tbbenham commented: “GJD has gone from strength to strength over the years. By recognising the changing needs of the market and using the latest technologies to meet those needs, GJD will continue to thrive and grow in the years to come”.

More information
If you would like to find out more information about GJDs advanced presence detection and security lighting systems please visit www.gjd.co.uk or call 01706 363 998

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