21st Century CCTV captures shocking scenes of a bus robbery

21st Century CCTV
21st Century CCTV

21st Century CCTV

Evidence from a 21st Century CCTV system fitted to an Arriva bus has been instrumental in a robbery case in which the suspect was jailed for 30 months.

The robbery took place on a bus in North Finchley.  The suspect, Liam Patrick Dunleavy aged 26, and an accomplice, who has not been identified, boarded the bus and intimidated and robbed a 40-year-old man who told police that he “feared for his life” during the robbery and has been too scared to use public transport since.

The victim was threatened after he stepped over the Dunleavy’s legs to find a seat.  Minutes later the other man moved and sat next to the victim, blocking his exit from the bus, pushed him hard against the window and demanded money.

After being told he would be stabbed, the victim handed the man £5 from his wallet and pleaded with the suspects when demands were made for jewellery.  The victim told police that Dunleavy said, “Leave it man. We’re going to get nicked for robbery again.” Both left the bus in Russell Lane.

Dunleavy was identified by police on the bus CCTV and arrested; he was subsequently picked out by the victim on an ID parade.

Dunleavy admitted to police that he was the person on the bus, but said he could not remember much as he was drunk at the time. He was charged with robbery and found guilty in trial at Wood Green Crown Court.  Dunleavy’s accomplice has not been found.

Detective Chief Inspector Raphael of Barnet CID appeals for anyone with information about the second suspect to come forward: “Your action could save another person being robbed or injured at the hands of this man.”  Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or anonymously phone CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. Please quote reference 2410978/11

Paul Rogers, Director of Sales and Marketing for 21st Century Technology Solutions, comments:  “This case, while rare, demonstrates the value of high quality CCTV in protecting passengers.  Anyone breaking the law can be identified and CCTV evidence is a vital tool in securing a conviction.”


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