21st Century awarded contracts worth a total £7.2m

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21st Century, the supplier and installation service provider of public transport CCTV and vehicle monitoring systems, today announces that it has been awarded two contracts, totalling £7.2m, by Keolis Sverige AB („Keolis‟) to supply CCTV systems, related maintenance and depot infrastructure for a total of 1,475 buses which Keolis operates under the „Busslink‟ trading name in Stockholm.

Keolis, which is Stockholm‟s largest public transport operator, is one of Europe‟s leading public transport operators with 160 subsidiaries established across twelve countries on three continents.

The first contract is for the installation of CCTV on 507 buses and related infrastructure, which will be installed in the current year and is worth in excess of £2.4m. This includes on-going maintenance revenue of around £0.1m per annum for two years. The second contract for CCTV on 968 buses and related infrastructure is estimated to be worth about £4.8m over six years, of which £4.0m is expected to be delivered in the current year.

21st Century has also been awarded Preferred Supplier status by Keolis in Stockholm.

Commenting on the contract win 21st Century‟s Chief Executive, Nick Grimond, said: “We are particularly pleased to have been awarded this business by this significant new customer and this underpins our expansion plans into mainland Europe. We are very much looking forward to working with Keolis and developing our relationship through this order for the improvement of their Stockholm operations and the potential longer-term prospects of working with their public transport authority partners across the globe.”

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21st Century Technology plc is the preferred supplier of on-board CCTV systems for Arriva UK Bus and the Go-Ahead Group in the UK and an approved supplier to First Group UK Bus. 21st Century is also the preferred supplier of station platform CCTV systems for the three major UK rail franchises operated by Govia (the joint venture between Go-Ahead and Keolis).

The Company has pioneered the use of WiFi with on-board CCTV systems and Transport for London commissioned the Company to undertake a trial of ‘LiveView’ – a system which transmits live CCTV pictures from on board the bus to a public transport and police control centre. 21st Century was also the first company to successfully launch Automatic Video Downloads and a bus CCTV monitoring system (HeartbeatTM) which allow the CCTV manager to remotely download CCTV footage from the bus to his computer and check that all the CCTV systems fitted to his buses are fully operational, without leaving his desk. The Company’s overhead camera passenger counting device, known as PAS – Passenger Analysis System, links to the ticket machine and enables bus operators to analyse specific bus route ticket sales and passenger numbers.

21st Century’s EcoManager product has made a significant contribution to sales since its launch in July 2008. The EcoManager black-box system is aimed at reducing fuel and maintenance costs, reducing emissions and improving safety for bus operators by monitoring individual driving styles against fuel consumption. Following a successful trial, in April 2009 Arriva UK committed to install the device on all their new buses and to retrofit a large proportion of their existing fleet. In November 2009 Arriva North West and Merseytravel won the industry recognised Alexander Dennis Award for Innovation following their installation of the EcoManager system which yielded fuel savings of up to 12%, associated CO2 emission reductions and a 62% reduction in accidents. This was followed in 2010 with a driver safety award for EcoManager presented by the road safety charity, Brake.

For further information go to www.getecomanager.com.

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