10 Steps to Cyber Security from Nouveau Solutions

10 Steps to Cyber Security from Nouveau Solutions

Nouveau Solutions has released the first in a series of infographics designed to assist the IT professional in the world of Cyber Security and highlight the 10 steps of using proactive defence.

10 Steps to Cyber Security from Nouveau Solutions

Cyber Security is a topic that is never going to go away and is going to become more and more prevalent. The news is currently running stories that are at their source, a result of a Cyber Security attack so any company, big or small, whatever they do, are at risk and this infographic highlights ten steps to proactively defend in an easy to use and entertaining way.

The infographic, designed in a security, dossier style will instantly resonate with IT security specialists as they have to deal with these type of issues every day, and is an easy tool to pass to other members of the company to highlight the associated risks.

Some of the key parts that the infographic focuses on is Information Risk Management, highlighting how users and IT staff need to be mindful of attempts to gain unauthorised access to systems through social engineering, to managing user privileges, reminding IT helpdesk who regularly grant administrative privileges these rights shouldn’t remain unchecked through to network security, reminding everyone that a single device can cause havoc on a network if infected with malware.

Nouveau Solutions is a specialist network and security solutions company, offering consultancy, professional and managed services and software development, with a reputation for excellence in supporting and serving its customers.

The organisation specialises in finding the optimum solution to meet a company’s operational needs, using in-house consultancy expertise and software development, where and when needed, to create perfectly tailored and scalable systems and support services for your organisation.

Nouveau Solutions is a Fortinet Platinum Partner, Avecto Elite Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner.

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